How Xero Will Help Your Non-Profit Keep Everyone Happy!

Running a non-profit is not an easy task. Even the smallest of charities, with board meetings held around the kitchen table needs the accounts taken care of.

Non-profits are born out of a passion for whatever the charity does. In all cases, it is benefiting communities somewhere and the longer you and your board spend on back office administration, is time spent away from the people your foundation was set up to serve.

It’s a shame to think about any voluntary organisation losing sight of the direction their foundation was set up to take. Worse still is when the passion is lost because of the frustration that sets in dealing with administration tasks.

Xero helps keep your passion alive!

Imagine never having to worry about financial transactions again. The feeling that when every donation that comes into your organisation, isn’t followed by a feeling of dread when it dawns on you that you need to send receipts to recipients for tax purposes, deal with Gift Aid and the financial recording of every transaction.

Board meetings won’t even need to be held as frequently to discuss financials with board members because every single person can be added as a user and access financial reports anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Keeping track of contacts becomes a breeze and as you’ll likely already know, it’s the cornerstone to gaining repeat donations. Following up with existing donors with personal thank-you notes, and then keeping them looped in with how your charity is beginning to thrive.

Relationships are essential for any non-profit to survive

Those are strengthened with donors when you have access to financial reporting tools that are second-to-none.

Cloud accounting shouldn’t be complicated. Xero isn’t, but the same can’t be said for some others. There’s many a person tried cloud accounting with a different provider, had a poor experience getting started and winded back with Excel spreadsheets.

Accountants and your board members do not need to be in meetings with others to find out how the finances are performing. With cloud accounting, everything’s there right when you need. Just the way it should be.

Xero help non-profits spend more time to be doing the things that matter to you and to your community that’s reliant on whatever service your charity provides.

Put your passion back into your non-profit by starting or switching to the Xero cloud accounting solution, test drive it if you’re dubious and you’ll never look back.

To ensure you have the best results-driven experience, contact us on 01702 552008 and let us help your non-profit by taking the hassle out of managing your accounts.

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