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Simple Steps to Achieving Business Success
Written by Antony Holdsworth on 21st October 2020
In my last blog, I talked about the top reasons business owners feel dissatisfied with their businesses. If you’re reading this and are in an uphill struggle to achieving business success, it’s likely you are not enjoying feeling like a slave to your company, working long hours and taking considerable risks—all with minimal financial reward.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! As the owner of the E.H. Taylors LLP, the UK’s entrepreneurial accountancy firm, I help countless business owners transform their businesses and their lives.

You might be thinking that gaining back control over your business is going to be an uphill struggle, but that’s not the case! In fact, there are just a few simple elements required for achieving business success.

But, before we get started… Let’s talk about some of the common challenges faced by business owners.

In my book ‘The Keys To The Safe’ I introduce you to my courageous clients, Kate and Mike, who took their business from a state of confusion to control.

When I first met them, they were experiencing a number of challenges that many business owners tackle.

They felt as if they were in the dark in their own business.

This feeling meant that they didn’t know why they were losing money.

Ultimately, Kate and Mike knew that they needed to start making money for their business to survive.

Time and cash flow were other challenges faced by my clients, and combined; these are all typical of the threats faced by business owners across the country.

Despite these challenges, all is not lost! There are just a few simple elements needed when it comes to achieving business success.

The right information at the right time

How you process your company’s accounts can make a big difference to business performance. It is therefore vital that you gather the right information for an accurate picture when it comes to your accounting.

The right conversations with the right people

Conversations can bring information to life, providing us with the critical elements needed to succeed in business. Without these valuable conversations, information will be missed, and all the time and effort that it takes to carefully manage your accounts could appear worthless. 

The right actions implemented with focus

Without key actions, the right information and conversations are a waste of time. When combined with ideas, focussed action is the key to business success.

In my book ‘The Keys To The Safe’ you will learn even more about how information is the keys to the safe and conversation is the act of unlocking it. However, it’s action that is the necessary step to taking the money out of the safe!

If you’d like a copy of my book, you can download it here.

Keep your eye’s peeled for my next blog when I’ll be teaching you how to focus on the future and turn your business dreams into reality.

About Author: Antony Holdsworth

Antony Holdsworth is a speaker, businessman, mentor and accountant and the owner of E. H. Taylors, the UK's most entrepreneurial accountancy firm. Having built two businesses in quick succession each with sales of over £3m+ per annum, he's on a mission to help others do the same!

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