COVID-19: The Need For Entrepreneurial Leadership

Now is the time for leadership.

Small and medium sized businesses all over the UK are experiencing an unprecedented challenge i.e. to survive in the face of a virus that is causing major economic disruption.

At a time like this, if you have a team of people in your business it is vital that you (as the business owner) show strong and visible leadership. You must lead your team from the front and be seen to do so.

Your team will look to you for action, confidence, direction and above all a plan.

Everything feels better with a plan.

In making your plans to survive COVID19 you do not need to do it all yourself.

Use your team. Your team will WANT to be involved. Delegate parts of the project to your team. Use you team to generate ideas.

If you involve your team, they will support you – and you will be surprised at the lengths they will go to, to do so.

In times of crisis, people always rally around a confident person with a plan.

As the leader, it is your job to be confident. Maybe you don’t feel confident right now. It maybe that, like many business owners you feel worried and apprehensive at the moment. However you feel, it is your job (as the leader) to appear confident. If you appear confident, you will inspire confidence in your team. And a confident team that feels someone is at the helm will perform better than any other.

Leadership is required now more than ever.


Written 14.04.2020 by

Antony Holdsworth BSc (Hons) FCMA CGMA

Owner of

E. H. Taylors

Antony J. Holdsworth & Co

Clarence Trustees LLP


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