3 Ways To Learn To Use Xero Cloud Accounting

When it comes to your accounts, you cannot afford data entry errors. They can prove to be super expensive. To get things right, you must know how to enter the data into any accounting software you are using. That includes desktop software as well as cloud accounting software.

What if you’re not using the cloud for your accounting?

You’re mad! Right now, the cloud field is a buyers’ market. Big brand names leading the field are ploughing millions into development and breaking the traditions of accounting and at break neck speed too. So much so that when you’re choosing an accountant these days, you’re partnering with two providers. Your accounting firm or person of your choice, and the software provider they use.

For us, we’re partnered with Xero, therefore we’re Xero Certified Partners. Likewise, there are other accountancy services such as that of Danbro who have recently signed what’s coined as “the UK’s biggest-ever cloud accounting deal” and that was with FreeAgent. Therefore, Danbro are FreeAgent accountants.


So too are many business owners, especially the owner managed businesses in their early days looking to find a partner who can accommodate growth.

That’s what we think Xero are good at. Growth of businesses with their full suite of features and it can grow with you from a one man/woman operation to a fully-fledged SMB with up to twenty employees, after which, you’ll find other providers more suited to accommodate your needs.

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No matter which software you use, you need to know what you’re doing though.

When you’re selecting an accountant or a cloud service provider to help you manage your financials, the software will only ever be as good as the person operating it. If you’re not trained on the use of the software, you won’t get much mileage out of using it.

Do You Know Your Xero Training Options?

Training should form part of your evaluation process when you’re considering a cloud accounting vendor to work with. The majority of the big names have grown communities of users, with many able to pitch in with advice and support when you need it.

That being said, you have a few options for learning about how to use cloud accounting software.

3 options for learning Xero include:

  • Learn through the provider

The first is from the provider. They know the product better than anyone so they are in the best position to train you up, and/or your team.

The Official Xero Training Centre covers a broad range of training topics so whatever you need to know about Xero, you’ll find a resource in there covering it.

  • Learn from other users

Some firms offer free training courses for new users, while others are business owners who are sharing their knowledge online. Some courses are free, while others are premium. The only thing you need to be wary of is that not all training courses are created by accountants, but instead by other users therefore, don’t expect to learn any accountancy tips and tricks but instead you’ll get a walk-through from another business owners perspective on how to use the software. If they haven’t learned the right way, they’ll be teaching you the wrong way. That’s a risk you’re best not to take.

  • Learn from your accountant

This is an excellent way to learn and we don’t just say that because we help our clients master the Xero software we use with them. We provide our clients with top-notch training and run seminars and workshops to help you get up and running, and we team with change management too.

It’s not just us though. As mentioned earlier, when you’re choosing your accounting partner, individual or firm, whatever cloud accounting service they are partnered with, make sure they support clients further by providing the training necessary to get the most out of the service.

It’s the only way you’ll be able to improve your accounting procedures.


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