The Behind The Scenes Xero Activity That’s Got Us Buzzing

In accounting, it’s rare for something to come along that’s a complete game changer that you just can’t help but get excited about. These past few weeks have introduced a complete game changer for us and here we’re going to lay it out, spill the beans and tell you what we’ve done to help ourselves.

Sounds selfish, right?

It isn’t and that’s because now we’re in a position to add even more value to our clients and that’s why our office is buzzing. It’s less work, more efficiency and even more of a value-add to our offering.

Here’s the quick scoop on what’s going on behind the scenes…

If you’re new here and not aware that we’re Certified Xero Partners, let’s first cover that base. As Xero Certified Partners, it means that while we provide the accountancy services, advice, and talk strategy with our clients to help with business growth… when we’re talking about behind the scenes, it’s not our team that’s done the legwork on this. It’s the tech people we’re partnered with at Xero.

Now, they’re all about cloud accounting. Always have been and will be, but what they’ve also demonstrated repeatedly is that they’re using their collective brains for the benefit of the small business owner by using cloud accounting. In fact, we’d go as far as saying, they’re the brain child that’s completely revolutionised the cloud accounting field.

Introducing the Xero Report Templates

This is the part that appears to be all about us, but let us explain what’s going on with this because there’s more to it than us.

When you’re working with your accountant, it’s billable time, right? For any accounting professional, including bookkeepers, the most value that can be offered to clients is the time to tailor the service to the needs as individual businesses. You know individual business owners with their own ideas, aspirations and business goals?

Because of the unique level of service, it’s never been something for a template to be created that could be rolled out practice wide while maintaining value to the end-user. It just wouldn’t work. Or so it was thought.

The tailored version of accountancy in practice has been the tricky part, simply because of all the non-value work that’s done, but still has to be billed. Things like requesting files, transferring data to out-dated desktop software, and creating and posting alignment journals for clients. You didn’t think we just crunch a bunch of numbers, did you?

Anyway, what’s happening now with the Xero reporting templates that’s just been rolled out in the UK, makes the personalised service even more manageable and beneficial because of the collaborative power.

Real time data being used to create custom reports to be shared in real time between bookkeepers, accountants, and small business owners; data that puts everyone on the same page. That’s a hurdle that’s always been challenging, and it’s why it’s yet another game changer to cloud accounting to finally have templates, and that remain customisable to ensure your service delivers what you need – your skills to manage your business, and your accountant and bookkeeper singing from the same hymn sheet.

The power in technology is continually surprising. It was powerful before so for Xero to come out and dial up financial reporting capabilities was surprising.

It’s exciting times ahead for the team here and our clients. We’re confident for efficiencies to be improved across the board as it’s already proved a hit in New Zealand, where Xero originated and where it remains to be a sort of testing ground for new features to be rolled out globally when they prove a hit.